Export- Import Strategies Buyer Diligence

This information is provided to buyers who are considering expanding or modifying their product lines. There are several factors that must be considered as part of your decision making process. This summary of factors is provided as a courtesy to assist in establishing or strengthening the strategic direction of your company.

Why Export Import Strategies Corporation?
While we are motivated to sell products, our objective is to make your company more profitable. We can collaborate with you to significantly increase your company revenues on an annual basis. We represent well over 150 North American producers with a combined portfolio exceeding 5,000 items. We can develop a portfolio planagram that will replace the underperforming items you currently have; develop financial objectives such as increasing your revenues by USD $5 million + annually; and, provide easy access to high potential products that have already been screened with a 13 point evaluation to ensure profit potential in your markets. Export Import Strategies Corporation has the largest product portfolio of any export management firm in our industry. We have expertise with product placement in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Caribbean, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. We streamline your ordering processes in a manner that is easy to do business with coordinating order fulfillment from over 150 North American producers of Food and Health & Beauty Care products.

Why Import?
There will always be a percentage of the products you deal in that are low performers in profitability and sell-through. While products are readily available, is there any diligence done by the company selling to you to ensure you are getting the best product, best price and filtered out the items that are a waste of your time? Products we represent pass an evaluation process to filter out low performing items and we make available only high potential items. We also partner with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure they are committed to each and every transaction with the ability to perform and fill your orders.

Time is Money
As a buyer, we understand your time is precious. You do not have the time or patience to deal with vast numbers of companies wanting to sell you product simply because it is manufactured and available. You need to see the best and work with a company that understands what it takes to get it to you without interruptions to the transactions. It is also easier to funnel your multiple product purchases through one company instead of dozens of individual manufacturers that will each require your time for presenting product and facilitating the transaction. We are a one-stop-shop with thousands of products across all product verticals of Beverages, Seasonings, Condiments, Snacks, Candy, Meal Items, Desserts, Health, Beauty and Hygiene. Every company and product has been scrutinized to have the ability to perform in your market.

Each buyer, market and country has different requirements to complete transactions. We have the expertise to cater transactions to specific needs for sales cycle, order processing, reorders, analysis and follow-through profits. We work with the flexibility of your requirements and also with those of our suppliers. We ensure your order is completed and filled. We manage all aspects of your transactions and serve as your liaison to our suppliers.

Value and Worth
An additional advantage to partnering with Export Import Strategies Corporation for products is that we can assist you in increasing your portfolio. We act as your assistant buyer and partner with you in making strategic purchasing decisions that will allow you to obtain the newest market demand items, high selling products, dependable suppliers and diligent business partners to ensure you increase your profitability.