Export Import Strategies Corporation Due Diligence

At Export Import Strategies Corporation, we highly recommend that you get answers for any and all questions prior to making the decision to export products, purchase new inventory or are considering doing business in an area outside of your base familiarity. There can be many aspects to doing business and none should be left up to assumptions. Here is a good list of items to discuss:


1. Periodic meetings to review progress.

2. Development of strategies, plans, systems, and processes.

3. Continuous improvement process planning with manufacturer to ensure profitability.

4. Alignment of manufacturers and our sales administration process to avoid duplication of activities and errors.

5. Sharing of manufacturer's sales processes and training.


We are considered superior in selling capabilities and customer support management. This includes presenting products as well as developing relationships with buyers.


Feel free to contact us directly to get any question answered, concerns addressed or when you want to reach out and make contact. We encourage our clients to contact us at least weekly to ensure that proper effort is being put into your account to achieve results.