Export Import Strategies Corporation Supplier Diligence

This information is provided to suppliers who are considering expansion into international markets with their products. There are several factors that must be considered as part of your decision making process. This summary of factors is provided as a courtesy to assist in establishing or strengthening the strategic direction of your company. Export Import Strategies Corporation is an Export Management Company (EMC) representing high potential North American brands into international markets.

The Export Management Difference
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, "An export management company (EMC) acts as the export departmment for one or several manufacturers. It solicits and transacts business in the names of the manufacturers it represents or in its own name for a commission, salary, or retainer plus commission. Some EMCs provide immediate payment for the manufacturer's products by either arranging financing or directly purchasing products for resale." An EMC is not a broker or a distributor. Export Import Strategies Corporation becomes an extension of your company acting as an offsite exporting department working on a retainer plus commission. Retaining an EMC to represent products builds credibility with foreign buyers and importers due to the financial commitment to increase foreign market share.

Outsourcing Is In!
According to the Grocery Management Association 2008 Executive Summary, Outsourcing is in, "Outsourcing of sales and marketing functions to Sales and Marketing Agencies (SMAs) — has been prevalent in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry for many years. In addition to outsourcing various elements of manufacturing, supply chain, advertising, human resources and IT functions, many CPG companies outsource their sales and marketing tasks to SMAs. For years, the SMAs have successfully assisted CPG companies in introducing new products, increasing their speed to market, improving retail shelf management, maintaining continuity, and expanding market coverage. The trend of outsourcing key sales and marketing functions to SMAs has grown in recent years due to increased focus by CPG companies on reducing costs, improving marketing productivity, enhancing core capabilities, and ensuring product availability in a multi-channel marketing environment. Not surprisingly, retailers and CPG firms alike bestowed very high satisfaction ratings across all dimensions of their SMA relationships. The prevalence of outsourcing sales and marketing by CPG companies is high, yet it is expected to grow further, driven by the increased propensity among leading companies to find ways to reduce costs and improve marketing effectiveness. SMAs have proven to be valuable to the CPG industry and retailers because of their ability to provide cost savings to the industry as well as their ability to increase product sales through intensive retail activities, including HQ sales support. For most CPG companies, SMAs provide a substantial return on investment as the invested infrastructure, sales teams and systems of SMAs are utilized by CPG companies to achieve their sales and marketing objectives. The superior regional/local market knowledge and expertise of SMAs provide the basis for building the business of many CPGs." Export Import Strategies Corporation provides these SMA services to our represented clients.

Why International Markets?
Export Import Strategies Corporation recognizes that the manufacturing of Food as well as Health & Beauty Care products is one of the last bastians of American manufacturing. Your products have some of the highest quality produced on the planet thanks to the USDA and FDA rules. Your current and predominate domestic market is highly competitive, over-saturated with like-kind products. It is also enduring a struggling economy. You also are continually proving your products to every potential buyer. International Markets have buying power with a growing consumer base demanding higher quality products. It is a fact that the international business arena is occurring. Those companies who tap into these expanded markets will increase their likelihood of additional sales while those that do not will not hold a competitive edge in the future. Export Import Strategies Corporation works with a network of international importers for products like yours. Our buyer database exceeds 40,000+ international buyers who have imported food as well as health & beauty care items produced in North America.

The only historically proven method to improving an economy is trade within free market systems. Today, this market is global. You have responsibilities as a company within these established and new economies you do business. You have the responsibility to generate profits then use those profits to pay wages, purchase inventory and supplies, and keep a flow of cash moving through your local economy. This process strengthens the economies in which you do business. This ensures that there is adequate expendable cash for consumers to purchase more of your products.

Mitigate Risk & Expense
There is no doubt about it. There are risks associated with being in business. There is and will always be expenses associated with being in business. These include more than just the cost of manufacturing. The continual requirement for sales representatives to market products (in-house or outsourced) is an additional cost of doing business. The benefit of outsourcing your sales and marketing can work to an exponential benefit for you. By utilizing a Contracted Manufacturer's Representative, we become your outsourced sales and marketing function without the on-site space utilization, personnel management and payroll associated expenses. While it does cost to have a dedicated account executive within a Manufacturer's Representative Firm, there is also the benefit of our combined expertise, experience and support staff available for less expense than a normal full-time wage for one person on your staff.

Value and Worth
While we do have a representation fee, we do not accept clients or their products for representation without meeting strict standards. We can readily find products similar to yours. For this reason, we must evaluate several factors prior to extending an offer to represent your products. These factors include your vision and growth objectives, an internal sales potential projection of your product. The quality and image of your products, the target market sales growth as well as your capability to perform in filling the orders we secure. The international sales cycle can easily be six to eighteen months of constant effort to secure sizeable orders. This decision to partner with us if extended the opportunity is one you must seriously consider if you have the strategic vision and growth objectives that includes expanding into additional markets. We will not represent products without the likelihood of getting sales from them.

Buyer Credibility
Export Import Strategies Corporation is a channel master for exporting Food as well as Health & Beauty Care items. Foreign buyers prefer meeting with us due to our combined representation of 150+ North American producers with a portfolio exceeding 5,000+ items that have been vetted for high performance potential. Our network of buyers can select recommended products on a wide scale. Professional product representation of this scale gets the attention of the larger buyers around the world. Export Import Strategies Corporation has done most of the work for the buyer and will streamline multiple sales processes from individual manufacturers into the methodology used by the foreign importer making it easier for them to purchase. Having your product line included in our growing portfolio will open doors to potential markets that would otherwise not be available. The foreign buyers cannot purchase products that they are unaware of. Having your products marketed to these buyers, on a one-on-one basis, increases the likelihood of profitable sales.

Consider This:
1. Are your sales and profit where you want them to be?
2. Is your existing market increasing or decreasing?
3. How many companies are seeking you out to create new market penetration?
4. Are you willing to invest in your own company by providing the expertise to penetrate new markets?
5. Are you cutting back on expenses (including sales/marketing related costs of doing business) in a declining market then expecting increased sales?
6. Where will you be in 3, 5, 10 years if you do not expand your market penetration while your competition is expanding theirs?
7. Is fear and uncertainty preventing you from growing?
8. Do you currently have the experience, expertise, and knowledge of foreign import requirements, transaction requirements and multicultural awareness to penetrate international markets?
9. Are you continuing to market your products the same way when the consumer/market base has evolved?
10. Is your company with the investment of utilizing experienced manufacturer's representatives?
11. When is the best time to begin penetrating additional markets to increase your company sales?

Export Import Strategies Corporation Supplier Qualification Process
Prior to a supplier being accepted as a client, they must go through an evaluation process.
The Company must first go through a qualification process to make sure:

Once the Supplier is qualifies, the products go through a 13 plus point evaluation, Some of the determining factors are as follows.